St Paddy’s day caused this video. Blame the Irish!
Wait I’m Irish… Blame all the Irish but me!

Bar things:
1 o’ these —…
2 o’ these —…

It’s been desired. It’s been hyped. It’s been…. Well no one cares that much.

This week we go over whisky at a basic level.

In David’s first video he discusses one of his favorites, Tequila.

This also marks the first time all three of us are at a shoot…. mostly because David finally showed up.

We’ve come crawling back to Vodka as we’ve done so many times before.

Just in time to celebrate the end of the Olympics.

When you were a toddler you learned your colors. After a few of these colors you’ll be back to your toddler self.

Hello Chum.
Here is Rum.
In my Tum.
So very Yum.
This is Dumb.
Watch the damn video!

Mike’s no poet, but he knows a (little) bit about rum.

This week Professor Juniper and the heads go over Gin.

Wait… Nintendo’s already using that name? Apparently all you have to do to become a Pokemon Master is drink Gin. I can still be the very best!!

New vids every Wednesday.

Mike H explains the wonders of Cognac/Armagnac. He may sound like an idiot, but that’s only because he is.

New vids every Wednesday.

Mike and the heads try to explain what brandy is and how it’s made. Is it perfect, no. Is it close, let’s hope. But I wouldn’t quote us in any scientific papers.

Mike doesn’t look quite as douchie in his second video.

New vids every Wednesday.